The Team

Gopi Aravind Founder & CEO

Gopi is a tech enthusiast and a Marketing and Psychology grad from FLAME. He is all of 6 feet, loves cycling, and can be caught playing the guitar whenever he decides to shut down his laptop. He, along with Vikas Menon founded AyAuto.

Vikas Menon Founder & COO

From Cochin, Vikas is an MBA from FLAME. He is an engineer with experience in TCS, and can be caught reading anything and everything irrelevant to AyAuto. He specialises in customer happiness.

Shreyash Parekh, Chief Liaison Officer

A Pune localite, Shreyash has an MBA (Communications) from FLAME. He loves to talk, and by luck or misfortune, rickshaw drivers love to listen. He has been involved with AyAuto since the very beginning and is now an integral part of AyAuto.